Little Makers & Bakers is a process-based art studio for kids offering hands-on art programs for children ages 9 months to 9 years old. Our classes provide a fun and safe space to create, explore, develop critical thinking skills and pursue a passion for art. In our child-lead classes students are given time to freely explore art materials, sensory experiences and a variety of art processes. We celebrate curiosity, child lead discovery and community building. Roll up your sleeves and have fun creating art with us and leave the mess for us to clean!

Ages 9 months - 9 years

Encinitas, CA

We are now hosting small pop-up classes in our outdoor studio space. Thank you for your continued small business support!

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Class Descriptions

Tiny Maker Art Playgroup 

Ages 9 months- 17 months


Tiny Maker Art Playgroup serves our youngest Makers (9M - 17M) and is full of new art experiences and sensory play. From curious crawlers to wobbly walkers, your Tiny Maker will be exposed to new hands-on sensory experiences and art materials. All materials in this class are taste safe and age-appropriate for tiny artists. This 45 minute class will be a time to embrace the mess and play alongside your little explorer as they discover and create with a variety of art materials. We know how isolating parenting a young child can feel at times, so hopefully, this class will give you and your child a warm and welcoming space to form friendship, build community and get messy with art exploration!


This class is very sensory-based, so please dress your Tiny Maker for a mess and bring a change of clothes (just in case)!


caregiver required

(not a drop off class)

Little Makers

Ages 18 months - 2.5 yrs


This transitional class is full of hands-on art discoveries, sensory play and messy art making! Each week your child will have the opportunity to explore 5-8 different art and sensory play stations at their own pace. Our carefully planned invitations to create include a variety of art materials and processes to discover such as painting, drawing, printing, sculpture, and collage. All materials in this class are taste safe and age-appropriate for little artists. This class will give you and your child a warm and welcoming space to form friendship, build community and get messy with art exploration!

Please dress your Little Maker in "art" clothes and close-toed shoes!


caregiver required

(not a drop off class)

Toddler Art Playgroup  

Ages 18 months - 4.5 years 

Toddler Maker Art Playgroup is a wonderful introduction to art with endless opportunity for sensory play, creative art discovery and exploration of new materials. Invitations to create will change weekly and provide your Toddler Maker a chance to move freely throughout the studio, making new discoveries, investigating art materials and engaging freely in the process of making art. Your little one will be encouraged to work at their own pace when exploring a variety of age appropriate and taste safe art stations and sensory activities. Friendship and community building will be fostered for both little artists and their attending caregiver over the course of our 6-week session.

Learning through play is really a great way! 


Please dress for a mess because we like to have fun! 

caregiver required

(not a drop off class)

Pre-K Makers 

Ages 4 & 5 years old​

This one hour class is perfect for kiddos ages 4 & 5 who are ready to transition out of Toddler Art Playgroup and ready for a bit more guided/independent projects (or invitations to create, as we like to call them). The first 20 minutes will be child-lead sensory play, collaborative painting, playdough exploration and open-ended projects. We will come together and read a short story and then complete a guided project based loosely on the story theme or character.  This mommy and me experience is a wonderful way to have a special 1:1 hour with your Little Maker and support his/her interests and imagination.


We occasionally use acrylic paint or things that can stain,  so please dress your child

in 'art-friendly' clothing. We also have smocks for very messy days!

caregiver required

(not a drop off class)

Optional drop-off

After School Makers 

Ages 4.5 - 9 years old​

Our 'After School Makers' class is a great opportunity for your child to explore art through independent and collaborative art projects. Our sensory-rich and creative environment is the perfect space for your budding artist to creatively express themselves. 


'Invitations to create' will change weekly and your Big Kid Maker will be exposed to many new materials and art mediums. Children will have the opportunity to experience processes such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, collage, paper mache, beading, clay work, sewing, building, woodworking, and weaving. Big Makers will be encouraged to work at their own pace allowing for diverse creative outcomes. 


We often get messy and occasionally use acrylic paint,  so please dress your 

child in 'art-friendly' clothing.

Open Studio

Ages 3.5 - 9 years old​

Our open studio is time for Makers to create, tinker, troubleshoot, and experience open-ended art time. Prompts will be set up with a wide range of art materials, where Makers can create without restriction. Children at this age learn by doing, experimenting and playing, so open studio time is meant to stimulate creativity and allow for artists to take ownership over their own projects. Teachers will be present to support ideas and facilitate artistic adventures in our creative studio space.

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